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        三年級(上)英語期末復習一 - 牛津M1&智慧U1,2 下載本文

        三年級(上)英語期末復習3 —— 牛津M3&智慧U5,6

        Class_______ Name __________ No_______

        一、根據句意,填入合適的內容: 1. My English book is like __________. 2. My _________ is like a triangle.

        3. Three triangles and one rectangle. It’s a/an __________. 4. I like to draw. __________ is fun.

        5. I have a yellow crayon. I draw a yellow half circle. This is ________ on the beach.

        6. I can see many __________ in the sea.

        7. I look at my picture. It’s nice. I ___________. I’m __________. 8. Look, I see some seagulls _________ in the sky.

        9. I have a __________ crayon. I draw a green __________. This is a beach blanket under the umbrella.

        10. Mum and I go to the supermarket. There are _________ in the supermarket.

        11. --- I am thirsty. May I have _____________? --- Here you are. 12. --- __________ apples? --- Six, please.

        13. This is our library. We can _____________in it. This is the hall. We can _____________ in it. And that’s ______________. We can play basketball there.

        14. I mix white and red. Now it’s __________. I mis yellow and blue. Now it’s __________. I mis red and yellow. It’s ________. 二、根據所給的例子寫單詞: A. e.g. (例) plant --- plants

        1. fly ---_________ 2. leaf --- _______ 3. sandwich --- __________ B. e.g. (例) This is a tree. It has a trunk. It has some branches and leaves. 1. Look at a picture of our school. There is a big playground, a _______ and some ________ in our school.

        2. There are 16 boys and 14 ________ in my class.

        3. This is a photo of my family. My father is tall. My ______ is fat. But my _______ is thin.

        4. May I have some oranges, _________and _______? Sure. C. e.g.(例) My nose is big. My mouth is small. 1. Are you hungry? No, I’m _________.

        2. My sister’s hair is short. My hair is ________. 3. --- Where is my ball? It isn’t on the desk.

        --- Look, it’s ___________ your bed. 三、 根據要求改寫句子:

        1. That is our classroom. (劃線提問)

        ___________________________________________________________ 2. It is a big library. (復數句)

        ___________________________________________________________ 3. Those boats are blue and white.(一般疑問句并作否定回答)

        ___________________________________________________________ 4. The sandwich is a triangle. (劃線提問)

        ___________________________________________________________ 5. I have a red crayon. (否定句)

        ___________________________________________________________ 6. This beach blanket is under the umbrella. (劃線提問)

        ___________________________________________________________ 7. Tom’s face is round. (以Tom開頭,換一種說法,意思不變)

        ___________________________________________________________ 8. These are red starfish. (單數句)

        ___________________________________________________________ 四、 閱讀并完成對話: A: I have got many sweets.

        B: How many _______ do you have?

        A: Let me _________. One, two, three… There are twenty-six. B: That’s great. May I have some _________? A: OK. How many sweets _________you want? B: I __________ five sweets. A: Here you are. B: Thank you.

        五、閱讀短文,完成句子: Look,that’s Kitty’s block(大樓)。 There are ten floors. There’s a big garden in front of the block. There are many flowers in it. That’s her father. He’s tall and strong. He is a policeman. That’s his bicycle. It’s green. The woman in red is her mother. She’s tall and thin. She’s pretty. She’s a teacher. She teaches Egnlish. 1. Kitty’s block _________ ten floors. 2. We can see ________ in the garden. 3. Her father has a ________ bicycle. 4. Her mother is an __________ teacher. 5. Her mother wears __________ clothes.

        三年級(上)英語期末復習4 —— 牛津M4&智慧U7,8

        Class_______ Name __________ No_______


        1. Oink. Oink. What do you hear on the farm? I hear ________. 2. We call the baby dogs ___________.

        3. Can you count the baby owls? Ten _________.

        4. My favourite toy is __________. I like to ___________.

        5. My friend’s favourite toy is ____________. He ______________. 6. I take pictures with _____________.

        7. I like my drum best. It’s my _____________ toy.

        8. My brother’s favourite toy is his drum. He often __________ to us. 9. I can see the sun and some white clouds in the sky. It’s a _______day.

        10. We are seeds. We are _______ and _______. It’s rainy. We are _______. It’s sunny. We feel _______. Now we have roots. We have _______, too. We _________. Now we have leaves and _______. We are sunflowers.

        11. I’m an insect. I am small. I make honey. I like flowers, but I am a ________.

        12. They are farm animals. They are strong. They are black and white. They make milk for us. What are they? They are ________.


        1. It’s rainy and hot in summer. (劃線提問)

        ___________________________________________________________ 2. It has long branches. (否定句)

        ___________________________________________________________ 3. What colour is your pencil case? (根據實際情況回答)

        ___________________________________________________________ 4. What’s your favourite animal? (根據實際情況回答)

        ___________________________________________________________ 5. This plant has short roots. (換種說法,句意不變)

        ___________________________________________________________ 6. My cousin holds her doll to sleep. (否定句)

        ___________________________________________________________ 7. There are seven chicks on the farm. (劃線提問)


        8. I sing songs on Sunday morning. (一般疑問句并作肯定回答)

        ___________________________________________________________ 9. What can’t we do in the classroom?(根據實際情況回答)


        三、 閱讀短文,判斷正誤,用T或F表示:

        There is a plant in the garden. It has a purple flower. It’s very beautiful. A butterfly and a bee are on the flower. Butterfly says, “Hi, Bee. You’re brown. You’re very ugly(丑). Look at me. I’m yellow and white. I’m beautiful. This is my flower. Don’t stay on my flower.” “This is not your flower. It’s a plant. The flower is beautiful.”, says Bee. “Don’t bicker(吵嘴). You are both insects. Your are good friends,” says Plant. Bee and butterfly say sorry. ( ) 1. The plant has got a beautiful flower. ( ) 2. A bee and a butterfly are in the garden. ( ) 3. At first, Butterfly likes Bee.

        ( ) 4. Bee and Butterfly aren’t insects.

        ( ) 5. At last, Bee and Butterfly are good friends.

        四、 正確抄寫下列句子:

        how much is the small ice-cream wendy five yuan



        1. I like to eat biscuits. __________ __________ 2. We’ve got eight oranges. __________ _________

        3. You can see dolls in the toy shop. __________ _________ 4. Our teacher can swim well. __________ __________

        5. We’ve got some large cakes on the shelf. _________ __________


        This is _______ (a) apple tree. There are ________ (many) apples on the tree. _______ (it) leaves are green. There are some __________(branch). Can you _________ (pick) apples?