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        2015屆高考英語一輪選修六課時練習題及答案-6-4 下載本文

        [學 以 致 用]


        1.The price increases were passed on by the firm to the ________.(consume) 2.Our educational reform was ________ led onto the correct path.(steady)

        3.A lot of ________ water from the chemical works brought the ________ into the river.(pollute)

        4.Fertilizer will help the ________ of these tomato plants.(grow) 5.As a/an ________,he put the ________of art into practice.(educate) 6.There are two hundred boys ________ from seven to fourteen in age.(range) 7.His daughter is very athletic as ________ to from seven to fourteen in age.(oppose) 8.He was a good student and scored above ________ in most subjects.(average) 答案 1.consumers 2.steadily 3.polluted;pollution 4.growth 5.educator;education 6.ranging 7.opposed 8.average Ⅱ.完成下列句子

        1.As a result of destroying the forests,________________(quantity). 因為砍伐森林的結果,大面積沙漠覆蓋了田地。

        2.Time after time she was warned __________________.It's no use crying now.(consequence)


        3.This restaurant has become popular ________________ that suit all tastes and pockets.(range)

        這家餐館出名是由于它的各種各樣的食物適應各種口味和消費類型的人群。 4.Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving licence reached 200,000, _____________________________________________________ _.(average)

        去年畢業時已獲得駕照的學生達到了20萬人,平均每年4萬人。 5.________________?We have to teach her to care for others.(put up with) 為什么我們要忍受蘇珊的自私行為?我們得教她關心別人。 答案 1.a large quantity of desert has covered the land

        2.of the consequence of her actions 3.for its wide range of foods 4.a(n) average of 40,000 per year

        5.Why do we have to put up with Susan's selfish behavior


        Jane:What do you want to do once you graduate?

        Henley:Uh...I think I'd like to work for a hotel or travel service in this area.How

        about you?

        Jane:Well,__1__ I first started college,I wanted to study French,but I realized I

        __2__ have a hard time finding a job __3__(use) what I learned.So I changed my __4__ to computer science.With the right skills,finding a job in the computer industry shouldn't be as difficult.

        Henley:So,do you have a part-time job __5__(support) yourself through school? Jane:Well,__6__(fortunate) for me,I received a four-year scholarship. Henley:That's great.

        Jane:Yeah.How about you?Are you __7__(work) your way through school? Henley:Yeah.I work three times __8__ week as a cook at a restaurant. Jane:How do you like your job?

        Henley:It's OK.The __9__ workers are friendly,__10__ the pay isn't bad. 答案 1.when 2.might 3.using 4.major 5.to support 6.fortunately 7.working 8.a 9.other 10.and

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